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About Miss Mia

Who is Miss Mia? I may be small, but make no mistake, I am fierce!

Share with me your hidden fantasies, reveal to me your most shameful thoughts, expose the fetishes that you crave to experience. As your Mistress I am interested in that primal side of you, the dirty animal that you hide under a layer of civilization. Let me awaken the beast and I'll teach you who is the boss and make you forget your humanity. I am here to guide you and will take you on a journey through your desires making it an experience you will never forget.

With a deeprooted fetish for power and protocol I expects complete obedience and compliance from my slaves, sluts and perverts. I am a caring but sometimes cruel mistress. The style of my domination is playful, primal and sadistic. Be a good obedient sub and you will be rewarded by my marks, if that is what you want, be defiant and you will be punished until your defiance is broken and you surrender, if that is what you crave. Renounce control to me, you can reveal to me your most secret bizarre fantasies and desires, you are in safe hands with Miss Mia.

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Mind, Body and Soul

My strength as a dominatrix lies in understanding the connection between the mind, body and soul. The most important aspect about my domination is not how hard I can whip or how elaborate my ties are, but it's about understanding your psychology. 

The mind is a powerful tool, and it's the best implement to use to make you suffer. Before I even lay a finger on you I will have analysed your psyche because I want to know how your mind works/makes you tick. My imagination and creativity will make every session unique and we will be a great fit if you are looking for a dominatrix that will play with your fears, desires and imagination. 

After entering the world of Dominance more than a decade ago I can truly say that BDSM is a passion of mine and I take great pleasure in playing with men (or women) who desire to relinquish control to a strong woman.

Beginners, sissies and experienced fetishists are equally welcome. What matters is that you are hungry for new experiences, you want to be pushed, you want to explore, you want to expand your horizons/limits. I offer a well-equipped discreet safe space to experience your fantasies, free from judgement.

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About: Bio
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